NordVPN two-year plans are up to 67 percent off right now

Nordvpn Two Year Plans Are Up To 67 Percent Off Right Now

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NordVPN’s latest limited-time sale knocks up to 67 percent off its subscription plans. The Ultimate plan, which includes malware protection and ad blockers on top of VPN access, typically costs $476 for a two-year period. This new year’s deal will bring down the cost of the Ultimate subscription to $6.40 per month, or $154 for the entire two years.


The Ultimate plan includes 1TB of cloud storage, file encryption and identity theft recovery benefits.

$154 at NordVPN

While this sale on NordVPN plans isn’t as good as the 69 percent off we saw during the Black Friday season, it comes pretty close. NordVPN, which can support up to six devices at once, has 5,000 servers in 60 countries. It’s worth noting that its standard price is a bit high when compared to competitors and their offerings. But, given this discount, now could be a good time to subscribe if you’ve been thinking about doing so.

If you don’t want to commit for that long, you can get a one-year subscription for the Ultimate package for 59 percent off, or $96 instead of the usual $238. There are also offers on the one- and two-year subscription plans for the mid-tier Plus and the lowest-tier Standard plans. The two-year deal for Plus and Standard plans are only 58 and 59 percent off, respectively, but they don’t include as many perks as the Ultimate plan does, such as extra identity protection and included cloud storage.

A NordVPN Ultimate plan gives you access to the company’s password manager, NordPass. But if you’re primarily interested in better organizing and keeping track of your logins and credentials in the new year, NordPass is also having a similar flash sale. Both individual Premium and Family plans are cheaper right now at 50 and 53 percent off, respectively. For the Premium plan, instead of paying $72 for the first two years, it will only cost $36 in total, which comes out to $1.50 per month. The Family plan, which gives you six user accounts, is listed for $67 for the first two years instead of the usual $143. NordPass earned a spot in our best password managers guide thanks to how easy the service makes it for you to access your credentials across many different platforms and devices.

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