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Possible Toyota Supra GRMN spied with aggressive aero, brakes

Possible Toyota Supra Grmn Spied With Aggressive Aero Brakes

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Almost from the start, Toyota has been playing around with GR Supra. The company has added some power, added a manual transmission and meted out a few paint-and-graphics special editions. But the most major addition to the Supra line appears to be right around the corner. These spy photos show a test Supra with notable aerodynamic and brake upgrades, and it could very likely be the rumored high-output Supra GRMN.

The camouflage at each end will tip you off to where some of the changes are. The front end seems to mostly use the same bumper as any other GR Supra, but the front spoiler has some additions. And looking closely at the vinyl, there are a couple of canards on each end that likely provide more downforce. At the back, there’s a sizable fixed wing. It’s not the first time the Supra has had a fixed wing, just look at the recent 45th Anniversary Edition. But this one looks a bit more serious with endplates and possibly adjustable supports. 

There are also changes between the camouflaged tips. The wheels aren’t shared with any other Supras right now, and zooming in shows stampings that read “FORGED.” They’re also wrapped in stickier rubber than the regular Supra’s Michelin Pilot Super Sport. This one is sitting on Pilot Sport Cup 2s. Behind the wheels and tires also lurk bigger, drilled brake rotors. The front calipers look beefier, too.

It’s quite possible that this Supra is packing more power to go with these visible upgrades. Rumor has it that an extra-hot Supra carrying the GRMN name (which stands for Gazoo Racing, Meisters of the Nürburgring) has a variant of the BMW M3 CSL engine making 543 horsepower. And it would make sense to equip such a Supra with the parts we see on this Supra prototype. 

As for when this will make its debut, it certainly seems like it would be soon. Just looking at the car seems to suggest it’s mostly ready for a reveal. The rumor suggested it will be revealed this year.

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