REC releases new Alpha Pro M series solar panel at 640 W

Rec Releases New Alpha Pro M Series Solar Panel At 640 W

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REC Group has launched a new solar panel for the non-residential market in the United States. The new Alpha Pro M Series uses heterojunction technology (HJT) to reach 640 W with 22.5% efficiency.

This latest release is the sixth innovation in the Alpha line of solar panels. Production is set to commence this August at REC’s manufacturing facility in Singapore.

“For almost 30 years, REC has strived to combine high-efficiency technology with sustainable business practices. While high efficiencies will remain the number one criterion for choosing solar panels, longevity and sustainability should be considered if companies are serious about their environmental and social footprint. By choosing REC, customers can be confident that they are investing in products of a company that prioritizes both performance and sustainability,” said Cary Hayes, President of REC Americas.

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