Solar installers can get their own apps with Sunvoy white-label option

Solar Installers Can Get Their Own Apps With Sunvoy White Label Option

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Sunvoy has launched white-labeled native apps in the Google and Apple app stores, allowing any solar installer to have its own branded app.

Traditionally, solar installers have not had an app to provide their customers where customers could track their project and see their energy data in a single place. With more equipment being installed in the home, from solar to consumption monitoring, batteries, EV chargers and load control devices, homeowners are left with a panoply of manufacturer monitoring apps, often leading to a poor customer experience.

Sunvoy has supported a web-enabled app for solar installers but now is offering it as a native app through the app stores.

In addition to project tracking and centralized energy data, Sunvoy allows homeowners to submit service tickets, see their project documents and pictures, and submit reviews and referrals. As of January 2024, Sunvoy is one of the only solar softwares to directly integrate with Tesla, allowing homeowners to view their Tesla energy data without requiring a third-party authentication.

With the new Sunvoy white-labeled native apps, the word “Sunvoy” is not displayed anywhere in the Google or Apple app stores. Rather, only the name and brand of the solar installer appears. Examples can be found here in the Google store and Apple store, as prototypes developed for Ipsun Solar.

Sunvoy is making these native apps available to all Sunvoy installers at no extra charge and upon request. However, due to high demand, Sunvoy is increasing its onboarding fee starting April 1, 2024.

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