Someone made a Peloton-esque display for the world's most ubiquitous rowing machine

Someone Made A Peloton Esque Display For The Worlds Most Ubiquitous Rowing Machine

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It was at CES 2024, in a Las Vegas ballroom with a carpet so static I was getting an electric shock every few minutes, that I finally saw one of my longest-held dreams come true. You see, I own a Concept2 Model D rowing machine, hands down the best rowing machine on the market. But the company has always refused to build a display that doesn’t look like it comes from the early ‘80s. When the PM5 was launched, it looked dated, but in a world where Hydrow and Peloton can offer gorgeous touchscreen displays and live classes, it looked ancient. Which is why I’m so elated that I stumbled across Myrow and its 22-inch retrofit display for Concept2’s rowing machines.

The tablet attaches onto Concept2’s existing monitor stand by unscrewing a couple of bolts without damaging the existing hardware. You’ll still need the PM5, since Myrow connects to that to pull your rowing data, but it can sit flat in its storage position beside the fan. Then, you’ll be able to access on-demand rowing classes, custom workouts and, because everyone who has seen the product has asked, streaming video. This is more or less why I’ve tried any number of annoying third-party mounts to put some sort of video solution onto my rower. After all, the best motivator (for me) is to turn movie-watching time into a workout.

As well as the video classes, you’ll get better visualisation of your rowing data which is another frustrating experience with the PM5. You’ll even be able to share your data to Logbook automatically which, normally, can be frustrating experience.

Myrow is the brainchild of Gary Simpson, the founder of Transit Wireless which brings wireless signal to subway systems. He said he was opting wether to ride on his Peloton or row on his Concept2 during the period everyone was sheltering in place. And that the lack of live classes, or any added-value features, meant he defaulted to the bike far more than he liked. So, he decided to look and see if there were any available products out there and, when he didn’t find any, opted to build his own.

Myrow hopes to open pre-orders at some point in February with shipping expected to begin in April. It’ll cost $499 for the tablet and mount, with an additional $30 a month subscription to get the on-demand classes and everything else.

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