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'Toys for Boys' Collection is a package deal: six 991-series 911 GT cars and a Man truck

Toys For Boys Collection Is A Package Deal Six 991 Series 911 Gt Cars And A Man Truck

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Sometimes architecture is more about the art than the living. That seems the case for this Porsche collection assembled by Austrian architect and founder of the St. Gilgen International School, Alexander Serda. Inspired by a kid’s wooden toy that bundled a little Porsche car hauler and three tiny Porsches, Serda decided to build a life-sized example. He could have chosen any two Porsches from any era and a small, nondescript truck and trailer for pulling, but that would have been uncharacteristically stingy for the designer of high-end luxury residences. Instead, he chose a theme, went expansive with it, and maintained its purity down to the choice of truck. The result is the Toys for Boys Collection.

The theme is naturally aspirated 991-series 911 GT cars. The six items that made the cut are a Carrera White 2016 911 R with red stripes and extended leather interior with 918 Spyder-style seat inserts; from the 991.2-gen range, a black 2018 911 GT3 Touring; a Guards Red 2018 911 GT3 Clubsport with the manual transmission; a Carrera White 2018 911 GT3 Cup with a six-speed sequential gearbox, adjustable suspension, and air jacks; a Carbon and Carrera White 2018 911 GT3R Carbon with a six-speed sequential transmission and air jacks; and a Racing Yellow 2019 911 GT3 RS Weissach with black stripes and a carbon interior. The road cars have never been registered and come with delivery miles, the track cars have never been used, all have been put through servicing to ensure their perfection.

To get them from Seder’s climate-controlled garage into the new owner’s climate-controlled garage, the collection comes with a tractor from Volkswagen-owned truck maker Man. A TGX 18.640 with a 15-liter, six-cylinder diesel engine pulls a collapsible six-car carrier with ultra-low loading from Italian firm Rolfo. And when we write that the “collection includes,” that’s non-negotiable — the whole shebang is sold as a set and won’t be broken up.

Every vehicle involved is left-hand drive, but the collection is housed in the UK and being sold by UK Porsche specialist outfit RPM Technik. This is probably because Serda, who moves between Vienna and London, wanted to debut his artwork at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed during Porsche’s 65th anniversary year. The plans were scuppered when he couldn’t get the 2019 GT3 RS in time. After five years of letting everything incubate in ideal conditions, Serda says it’s time to sell. RPM Technik lists the price as “POA,” for Price on Application. And as if six 911 GT cars weren’t enough indication, any time one needs to apply to learn a price, well, we know what that means.


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